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Starting February 1, 2011, I will be accepting Visa and Mastercard!  I personally am excited by this because now I feel like an "official" business!

I will also be supplying Biofreeze products.  I already have a sample size for individuals, but I will have different sizes of mists, roll -ons, and such for retail sale.

I am looking into a product called Hot Shotz that provide heat without using the microwave or batteries.  They are compact and come in different sizes so you can use them for your injured arms, legs, back.  They even have a face mask to soothe your face!  It looks like there's something for everyone!

As for New Year's Resolutions....well, I'm working on mine.  I hope you are faring better than me.  Have a great day and call me when you're ready for a relaxing massage!


... It is now October 2014... the credit card processing company that I use, Cell Charge, apparently is not complying with credit updates, so there is a possibility of credit leaks/hacks like from Target and Home Depot.  I don't want to be part of that, so I won't be using Cell Charge anymore. 

I also do not own a smartphone, and it appears most of the credit processors need a smart phone to operate with.  I most likely will not be getting a smartphone - so for now, I will not be accepting anymore credit cards.  Truthfully, I only processed a few per month anyway.  So, my payment options are now either cash or check.  I apologize for the inconvenience. 

August 2017  I have just seen the eclipse and it was fantastic!  Hope you also got to watch a little bit of it!   My business is coming along well - there's always room for new regular clients, and I hope you will stop by and see how I can help you move better.  I am also putting out a call for someone to help me with my laundry.  I am willing to give a free massage every week for someone to collect, wash and fold, and deliver my laundry back to my office.   You would stop by my office at an agreed upon time, collect the laundry, take it home, wash and fold, and bring back, also at a pre-determined time.  Please - serious inquiries only.  This is perfect for someone who would love regular bodywork but feel they wouldn't be able to afford it.  Please call or text me and we can talk about it!  Thanks for your time!


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