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My address is 601 Brady St. Ste. 202, Davenport, IA 52803. My phone number is 563-940-4357.

My building is the Priester Building,

My building is a 3 story, blue-ish looking building 'cause of blue panels on the window.  There is a big white plate with 601 Brady in the corner.  From the street you can see on the lower level one of the shops says "Fiber Artist".  This is my building, go on in and I'm in #202. 

Your best bet is to walk in through the parking lot that says "Absolutely no public parking"  PLEASE DON'T PARK IN THIS LOT - unless it's a Saturday or Sunday!  All the spots are reserved for the people who work in the building and they get fussy about their spots!  When you walk into the parking lot go to the glass door and usually you can let yourself in.  If your appointment is after 5 pm during the week or on a Sunday, I will usually be down there to let you in. 

The Brady street entrance (dubbed "the entrance" to the building) is not open after 5 pm weekdays or on weekends.  Your best bet is walk to that parking lot and go to the glass door.  Thank You!


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