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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.  You can do three things to immediately change your health for the better:  eat a healthier snack, like almonds, drink extra water, and call me for a massage!  563-940-4357.

30 min.   $25

60           $50

90           $65

Raindrop Technique   $60

Seniors, students/teachers and veterans' rates are still $35/hour and $50/90 mins.   Senior rates start at age 60.

My massage technique can be described as a mixture of Swedish and Deep tissue.  My pressure has been described frequently as "just right" (spoken from clients). My clients have also said after the massage was finished it didn't feel like I worked the area much, but the next couple days the trouble spots were sore, but not super sore.  They knew then I had worked on them!   I will not attempt to "put you through the table" and just dig away.  I frankly need to save my hands for the rest of the day and my career! 


As a side note, I do NOT do couple's massages or pregnancy massages.  Sorry! 


Due to my credit processor Cell Charge not being in compliance with credit card updating, I will no longer accept credit cards.   For the present time I am accepting payments in either cash or check only.  I apologize for the inconvenience!

Hello to all reading my website!    All packages are listed in the Year Round Specials section...

A gentle reminder to not email me for appointments.  At this moment I do not always get to a computer.  PLEASE call or text!   If you want in on a certain day or time, and you sent an email, odds are very good I won't get your message in a timely manner.  A homing pigeon might be faster!  (I'm kidding)   Seriously, please no emails...   Please don't worry about texting me late at night.  My sound is off but I always check it throughout the night.  Thank you very much for patronizing my business!  I hope to see you soon!

Thanks for reading!



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